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I have an inteview in a week and i have to give a five minute presentation on myself and why i think i am the best person for the position of payments manager within the NHS. Could anyone give me any tips/advice on what needs to go into one please?


  • Cullen
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    Go over the advert for the job or the job requirements. Try to rephrase their requirements using powerful language. List these in order of importance. Write a sentence or small paragraph for each point showing how you fulfill their job specifications.

    Try something like this:

    I am suitable for this post because:

    This role requires sound job knowledge. I am an experienced accounting officer with appropriate qualifications.(Give evidence)
    I have knowledge of this role and understand the requirements. (Give examples)
    This role requires leadership skills, which I have in more than one area.(Give examples e.g scout leader as well as work )
    This role requires an ability to work as a team member. I am good at working within a team.(Give examples)

    Use language that is positive, so say I am hard working, I am a good time keeper, I have a proven excellent attendance record. Dont say negative things such as I am not lazy, I am rarely late, I dont have much sick leave.

    Rehearse rehearse rehearse. Use a mirror or better get a mate or a partner to watch you for "leakage" in your body language. This could be folding arms, touching your face with your hands, looking away or at the floor.

    Dress to impress. Shiny shoes, neatly ironed shirt/blouse, business like attire.

    Plenty of straight eye contact, open gestures and smiles.

    Go for it!!!
  • troy
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    Thank you for your help, you have given plenty of things to think about. Even my body language as even in my day to day life, if i am asked a difficult question i tend to avert my eyes for a short time before looking at them. I must try to get out of that habit before next Thursday!
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    All the best for your interview, keep us informed.
    Think positive, act positive and be positive, you can do it.
  • CJC
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    Good advice from Cullen, here's a few more things to consider.

    Talk slowly. It may feel unnatural as your doing it but we all tend to speed up when we're nervous and don't really notice. I can be a terrible gabbler if I don't watch myself. Having said that, try to sound natural, not too rehearsed or robotic.

    Make a few notes with just bullet point the main things you want to say. You may not need to refer to them, but they'll help structure your talk and can come in useful if you feel you're getting lost.

    Time yourself, a minute can seem a very long time if you've run out of things to say. It probably won't matter so much if you overrun slightly but make sure you're not trying to fit too much in.

    KISS ... Keep it simple, stupid.

    Try not to have loose change and keys in your pockets, nothing like a bit of jingling to make you feel self-conscious.

    Lastly, relax and be yourself (though if you're anything like me you'll want that to be just a bit more of a professional and polished self than normal :001_tongue:)
  • troy
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    Thank you both for your advice/support....I am trying to decide if I should put in my time I worked abroad for a charity where I went to orphanages in third world countries and I assessed their needs for financial support. I liaised with local suppliers and labourers to see how much it would cost to get these buildings up to a standard that would be considered as livable for these small children. Some of these places were in an extermely poor condition, and I would have to write a report explain my findings and do my best to convince the charity that my orphanage was more deserving than others. Should I not bother as it does not really relate to Finance in this country? And if I should how would I word it?
  • CJC
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    I would think that would be an ideal thing to include. Even if it doesn't directly tie in to the job you're applying for it shows you can succeed in challenging and unfamiliar situations, that you are used to a high-level of responsibilty. it highlights your team-working ability and personal resourcefulness, all those sorts of things.

    If I was hiring I'd be pretty impressed by that aspect of you experience and it makes you stand out from the crowd, which is just what you want.
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