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I'm hoping someone might be able to help me...

My boyfriend is a member of a working mens club who have an AGM coming up soon. They have apparantly been running at a loss for a while and made a loss of over £20'000 last year.

Does anyone know what rights and access to the details of the accounts he would have??

There have been some suspision of some people being not entirely honest.

Any suggestions???


  • T.C.
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    The directors should be viewing and approving the accounts each year!
  • gillwilson
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    A club does not have directors. It is owned by its members who elect a commitee to run it.

    Maybe you could approach a committee member.
  • diane79
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    That's the problem, the committee members aren't being the most helpful at providing a lot of information
  • gillwilson
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    Surley the accounts are done for and published at the AGM???
  • rwp
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    Most working men clubs such as RBL clubs are governed by the Industrial and Provident socities act. Also they should issue each of its members with a rulebook, usually within the rule book it should state that the accounts should be pinned to the notice board for something like 10 days before the AGM. The members could request (if they had a majortiy) that the accounts be audited (but this could be costly) or they could ask someone to carry out a independent examination to see if the there are any irregularities in the accounts!
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    I agree, the accounts should be done and published at the AGM. They should be available for the members (who are like the shareholders) to view them.

    The club that I am a member of allows members to sit in on Committee meetings, perhaps he could ask one of the officers if that is allowed. Failing that, why not put his name down for election to the Committee at this AGM.
  • diane79
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    I think he's been told the accounts will be available at the meeting but he's said he wont know what he's looking at...

    As for a Members Handbook, he's been a memeber for 20 years and has never seen one.

    The meeting is tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what comes out.

    Thanks for all your help
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