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I have an opportunity to acquire a small accounts job for a local social club. I understand that I will need to register as an MIP or apply for the exemption, which I intend to do on the grounds of either no income or gross fees of less than £1,000.

After searching the AAT website, I think their sample Engagement Letters are hidden away in the MIP toolkit, which I can't get at, but I did manage to get to them last November...:confused1: Have they since been moved or should I still be able to access them now? Obviously, I would like some form of template to base my letter on.

Also, the Money Laundering section says that if your work is voluntary, you don't require any supervision but there is no mention of the £1,000 income limit for MIP registration - does this then need completing? And will I qualify for the reduced rate of £15/£20 as opposed to the full supervision fees?

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    PM me your email address and I will send you the sample engagement letters.
    Yes, they moved them from public view to MIP Toolkit some months ago.

    You can apply for a reduced MiP fee as fee income under the limit but IIRC there is no de-minimis for MLR fee - have a chat to the MiP team for clarification.
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