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Hopefully one of you can spare some time to answer.

When you applied to be an MIP how did you prove/detail your experience.

I have supplied a copy of my CV and some CPD yet I have been asked for more detail for some areas. One area being accounts preperation, which is the majority of my current role and detailed on my CV.

I will be in touch with the AAT tomorrow but just wanted some info from you guys.



  • deanshepherd
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    I did as you have done. Submitted CPD and CV details and then the AAT came back to with more specific questions about my experience and my intentions for my practice.

    I'm glad to hear they are still being diligent with MIP applications.
  • burg
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    I agree that it is good thatthey are being diligent as from some posts I seemed to think they were just handing them out.

    They have come back with more questions but it just says "please provide details of your experience/CPD for..."

    then lists a few areas, accounts production was one which is on my CV. I have emailed and will call later to see what kind of extra detail they require.

    Thanks Dean

  • groundy
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    I also sent them a letter from the partner of my previous employer detailing my experience while working for the firm.
  • T.C.
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    If experience is hard to get in the first place, try volunteer work for charities - it all helps.
  • burg
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    Hi T.C.

    I do have the experience in all the areas I applied for. They are just asking me to explain in more detail.

    After speaking to the AAT today they explained that they just wanted me to expand my CV more into more of a job specification.

    I have given them some detail which they seem happy with I am just going to follow it up with some more.

    Thanks for your help guys

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