Thank you

rachy1975 Registered Posts: 366 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Just liket to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me on here.
When i have struggle i just pop on here and there is usually someone lurking to give a hand....Wont mention names as i know i will leave someone out, but again a huge thanks (especially on the discussions on what you were goin to revise as i would surely have forgotton about some of and i hope you will all help me again when i am on the technician level




  • katsutlieff
    katsutlieff Registered Posts: 459 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Same to you Rachy1975, some of your posts have helped me get my head around a few things too.

    The nice thing is everyone here is so willing to lend a hand, and offer advice. Some other forums I frequent can be a bit sniffy, but not here!!

    Said a silent thank you to you yesterday when I needed to work out the profit margin in the FRA exam.
  • mark130273
    mark130273 Registered Posts: 4,234 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    think everyone whos on here regular deserve a pat on their back i think this has been as just a much help as the tutor in my college !!
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