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Unit 31 Allegri and Palestrina

ghfoysterghfoyster New MemberRegistered Posts: 13
Hi I need some help with Unit 31 short test from Premier Training, called Allegri and Palestrina, I have done everything apart from Task 3 where again I have completed everything other than the adjustments column. I need to remove the trading between Allegri and palestrina but am unsure which figure to remove...some help would be appreciated.:confused1:


  • meibakermeibaker Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 481
    hi, sales (512,082) purchase (500,038) closing stock 12044
  • ghfoysterghfoyster New Member Registered Posts: 13
    oh right i got 512082 for puchases...but I see what I need to do now thanks:001_smile:
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