Outstanding/Membership Fees @ Technician Level - help!

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I was just checking my account to make sure I have no outstanding fees and notice that I have a student membership fee to pay.

Does anyone know when this appeared? I don't remember seeing an e-mail advising me that an amount was due, I just checked today as the exam results are due soon.

I assume I can still get my results by e-mail, when the site says "Your fees must be paid in full by 31 July for your results to be available online". It just means I can't log in for my results?

I know I checked MyAAT to make sure I had no outstanding fees but I can't remember when which is annoying me. I feel it was fairly recently as I was sure I had nothing else to pay. (Definately sometime between the exam and now). But then again I don't know when the fee was put up on the site to pay. If I hadn't checked I wouldn't have realised I was owing anything!!

If I pass the June 09 exam then I only have skills test to take, which is marked my Kaplan. So would I have to renew my membership? Due to paying online now, I now pay myself initially before my work refunds me and I'd rather not pay myself if I don't have to - am totally confused!

Oh and does anyone know when the membership is due by?




  • AK002
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    Once you've passed AAT you still need to pay the membership IIRC.

    The fee you're seeing on your My AAT isn't due until 1st Sept 09, i saw the same thing and phoned them in a panic as it said if i didn't pay i wouldn't get my results lol
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    I thought it depended when you joined; I joined in November and pay my fees in November annually. Milkshake - I think if I were you I'd phone and check too!

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  • mi|kshake
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    Great! Thanks for the help guys - I have dropped student services an e-mail! (I noticed that I sent my membership fee form around mid-August last year so it prob ain't due till Sep 1st).

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