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Hi there,

Looking for some urgent advice pls

I've just passed foundation and wanting to go onto intermediate. I have seen a timetable which states exam week for june is 14th-18th. Problem is that I'm not due back of holiday until the 14th.

I've noted from past papers that fra is usually sat on a wednesday and ecr on a monday. So I'm hoping that the june exam is not ecr because obviously I won't be here.

Im studying at college one day a week. So burning question to past intermediate college students is..........which exam usually comes first, ecr or fra??????? I'm assuming there is a logical order/progression that colleges follow.

Praying that december is ecr and june is fra. If it is not, and I can't sit the monday ecr paper then what happens then?????

Help Kelly


  • taskey
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    this is the link where the timetable that is on the aat website


  • kellylpool
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    Ive already seen the timetable. That is not the question :001_unsure:

    Please read again

    Anyone please?

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    Bit of an abrupt reply to taskey, a very respected forum regular. The timetable is the timetable - end of.

    You should know that FRA and ECR are both sat twice a year and as you've already stated, ECR will be more than likely be sat on Monday 14th June 2010 with FRA two days later.

    I'd suggest re-booking your June holiday or not going at all and be pragmatic about it: those who are prepared to make sacrifices for their studies pass quicker, those who aren't don't. Failing that, you could try sitting it in December but this would probably be contrary to your college teaching schedule.
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    I think the OP meant which unit her college will be doing first, FRA or ECR. Unfortuneately you are only going to get that answer from your college. Ours did FRA first - therefore FRA exam in December, then ECR in June. It will depend on what route your specific college has chosen.
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    Two people read the original post, two people misunderstood it.

    Answering it Pinkjo's way, my college taught both subjects simultaneously, one hour on PRR, two hours on ECR (or one evening), three hours on FRA (or one evening) with all central exams to be taken in June i.e. no prep for first time sits in December.
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    Apoligies for the earlier abrupt reply.

    It was not my intention to be rude. I'm just so annoyed with myself right now that it never occured to me when booking flights that there would be a clash.

    A friend has txt one of the tutors and a past intermediate student to ask which exam will be sat in december. So hopefully should have a definite answer soon.

    In worst case scenario, being that ecr is in june and I can't sit it. Would there be a possibility of sitting it a later date? I sailed through foundation and took an hour to finish the exam so I'm coping with the course pretty well. Would it be possible to sit both ecr in fra in december, or is this too much of a tall order?

    Many thanks for replies so far, very much appreciated.

  • AK002
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    Yes, you can sit it in December.
  • mark130273
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    is that a hard luck story or what !!!!
  • AK002
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    What about CBE tho?
  • Symbol
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    Hi there,

    We did both exams in June. You may find it abit hard going to do one in Dec - of course this depends on your college.

    Congratulations for passing Foundation... Just bear in mind that intermediate is harder than foundation....

    And technician is well hard; having just finished it I know.

    Good Luck in whatever you decide x:001_rolleyes:
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