What do people do for revising when distance learning?


To the people who study with eagle education as preference but anyone who does distance. Has anyone done these online courses? I tried premier training as it advertised on the site but they then said they werent doing it for the december sitting do thats a non starter. Would it be an idea to buy the revision pack for bpp as they sell them for both unit 5 and 6 for £15 each.

What do you do when revising - do you book on a revision course?



  • steveJ
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    I'm studying with premier training. I have just passed the foundation and now working through the intermediate.

    Revision wise, I usually, when working through the text books, highlight bits that jump out at me to remember. For the foundation I also bought the Bpp revision pocket passcards book from amazon.

    My secret is :- doing all the available past papers. That is where it really sinks in !!

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  • anniem
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    I agree with Steve - keep going through past papers, it's a really good way of getting to grips with what will be expected of you in an exam.

    Also, if you're using the BPP books then do all the tasks as you go through the book and the end of chapter tests. You can always re-visit these nearer exam time as well, to make sure that you have remembered the formulas.

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  • PGM
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    I don't really see point in doing revision classes after distance learning. Thought it more useful to pay for classes and revise yourself. Could be wrong :laugh:
  • anniem
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    I am distance learning and have benefitted from attending revision classes; it is very difficult to fit in a specific time commitment to attend classes on a regular basis when you have a young family and a job, whereas it is possible to arrange extra help for a couple of days so that you have the 'me time' to attend a one or two day revision course.

    You also pick up very helpful advice, memory tips on different aspects of a subject as well as receiving clarification of topics which are sometimes tricky to understand if you are trying to learn from a book.

    Another bonus is that you have an opportunity to meet other people who are doing the same as you; I only actually know one other person who is doing AAT and she has just qualified (Well done Liz!). So other than the bods on this forum it is very easy to feel quite alone whilst studying.

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  • Bluewednesday
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    I did it the other way round!

    I did taught classes for 3/4 days per paper and all the extra work and revision at home, I needed someone to get me through the syllabus and then did the question practice by myself.
  • AK002
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    TBH the revision classes that we have at Kaplan are just passed papers for 2 days solid lol..

    It is good to have a teacher there to ask questions etc of tho..

    I personally can't study/learn myself.. need to be taught..
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