earn a degree while doing ACCA ?

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Please don't laugh if this is a stupid question, but did I hear somewhere that you can earn a degree while doing the ACCA ?


  • Bookworm55
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    Yes you did!


    Not being an ACCA student I don't know that much about it, but it appears you do a dissertation-type thing in addition to your ACCA exams and can earn a degree from Oxford Brookes in Applied Accounting.
  • steveJ
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    So I'm not going mad then !!

    I never thought it possible that I could ever have a degree especially after not going onto college and university from school and now studying something that I enjoy it is possible (well I'm only on AAT advanced certificate at the moment. So still got a while to go.LoL)

    Also, is it possible to work in the public sector with ACCA? as I know that this is more practice based where as the CIMA is more industry based.
  • stevef
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    There is a large number of ACCA accountants working in the public sector. In terms of membership ist ranks second to CIPFA, and in terms of students it is the largest. Remember ACCA's roots are not in private practice but as corporate accountants in commerce and industry.
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