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Hi I just found the below in the old forum and was wondering if anyone can explain how it is possible to make 13580 Alphas with only 14000 metres of materials available when it is 10metres per alpha?


TASK 1.1

Budgeted sales volumes 2000 Alpha 3000 beta
Opening finished stocks 300 alpha 297 beta
closing finished stocks 500 alpha 595 beta

Material per unit 10.00 alpha 12.00 beta
labour hours per unit 1.150 alpha 1.380 beta

cost of material per metre £17.00
opening material stock 8750
closing material stock 15530
wastage rate of material 3 % of material issued to production

46 employees work a guaranteed 35 hour week. gauranteed wage is £210.00 per week. any overtime neccessary is paid at £8.00 per hour

maximum amount of material available is 61,580

betas sales volumes must be provided under the contract.


What are the meters of material available for production before any wastage? 54,800 metres
What are the metres of material required for beta production including wastage? 40,800 metres
what are the metres of material available for alpha production? the difference 14,000 metres
Number of Alpha's to be produced? 13,580 Alphas there are a couple of sums here to think about
Labour hours to be worked? 6,113 hours rounded based on hours needed rather than hours available
Cost of labour budget? £38,640


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    you have to account for the 3% wastage

  • taskey
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    sorry that was a really basic answer and probably did not help at all.

    3% of 14000 is 420.

    14000 - 420 = 13580

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