SMARTER- Unit 23

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Could anyone please tell me what SMARTER stands for and a brief explanation for each component? I googled SMARTER and there were so many different variations of the acronym. This is my last additional question and its driving me and boss crazy!!! Thanks!!


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    Hi projo669
    As you have found, this is a whole topic in itself. I would chose a variant and claim this is what your organisation uses to ensure goals are consistently set and you are aware that different business's use different versions. This is not right or wrong we generally use
    S pecific
    M easurable
    A greed (achievable is common here)
    Realistic (relevant is popular)

    for the er bit which we rarely use

    The key to this unit is to show you understand some of the theory of personal effectiveness and can relate to your own work/performance or your company's
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    projo669 Registered Posts: 2 New contributor ?
    Thanks Matt! Much appreciated!!
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