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Gaining work experiance while doing Technician

toria1979toria1979 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 34
Hi all,
I have just finished intermediate and have started Technician, i recieved my ceertificate this morning but now i'm confused, it talks about logging work experiance etc, my job doesnt really have that much to do with Accounting thugh so im not sure if working with invoices and monthly reports on various things is worth putting in, can anyone give me any advise on the kinds of things i need to be logging on to my work experiance file so that when i finish Technician i can go for my membership???


  • Bookworm55Bookworm55 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 479
    Depends what you mean by "working with invoices"!

    Creating sales invoices certainly counts as good experience, as does posting purchase invoices to the ledgers. Putting things forward for payment or chasing customers for payment also counts.

    Monthly reports can be good, but what kind of reports? Sales analysed by region or product? Expenses for various sites? Fixed asset register? All good choices.

    Perhaps if you take us through a typical week at the moment, we could tell you what does count and suggest what you could ask for more of? My work experience wasn't great, but it was adequate as it was primarily bookkeeping-based.
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