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A friend of mine is compleing his tax return and wanted me to have a quick look at it for him and everything seems fine except for underpaid tax.

In the underpaid tax part of the tax return it says records indicate there is underpaid tax however the amount on the return comes up as zero. It says that underpaid tax will be shown on the PAYE coding notice but on the coding notice there is only an adjustment for expenses from his employer. This isnt classed as underpaid tax is it? im just not sure because this is the only adjustment on the coding notice.

Before i get him to give HMRC a call i just wanted to see if this shows up on other returns




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    If there was any underpaid tax being collected during 2008/09 then it should have been on the PAYE coding notice. I usually make a quick call to HMRC in all cases where there is PAYE income just to check whether there is anything to enter (regardless of whether I have the coding notices or not).

    You say that the tax return states 'records indicate there is underpaid tax'. I didn't realise tax returns had any client specific data on them - must be a new thing.
  • andrewtdk
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    I had another look and it doesnt say records indicate that there is underpaid tax like i said in my previous post turns out it actually says your tax code indicates there is unpaid tax. It was online which may be why there was some level of client specific data maybe.

    Cheers for the advice ive told him hes best to give HMRC a call
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