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Hello All,

A friend as asked me if I would do his tax returns for him as he is going to go self-employed.

I said I would but I have never done any before in real life. I passed my AAT last year so is there a website I can use to get the tax codes etc?

Would it be better for me to get some computer software to do the tax returns as a few people have mention about me doing theirs for them.




  • T.C.
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    You do not need to buy expensive software. If you have passed your AAT exams then you know how to complete the Trading and Profit and Loss Account. Then all you need to do is register online and complete the tax return using HMRC software....simple really. Just remember though, you should consider whether you need to register with AAT as a member in practice and think about insurance too!
  • Townend
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    Thanks for that.

    I will have a look at MIP.

    What is the going rate for doing tax returns??
  • clegganator
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    Depends on the difficultly.
  • Bluewednesday
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    I disagree that what you cover in business tax is enough to be able to do them competently straight away.

    You might find it hard to get an MIP licence without the necessary experience but you could get them checked for a while to prove competence.
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