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Help, my client who is a self employed with a turnover of around £16,000 wishes to apply for a mortgage. I have provided the normal financial statements but his bank has stated that they want the accounts from a certified accountant.
I am at a loss as to what to do next. Does anyone know of anyone who would be willing to certify these accounts and at what fee? I can provide any documentation needed to support my figures.


  • Bluewednesday
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    Will they not accept a filed tax return accepted by HM Revenue and Customs?

    We've found that they have been happy with them as we are not a chartered practice.
  • NeilH
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    You might want to contact them to see what they specifically require. I believe that the legislation requires a chartered or certified accountant to certify/declare the accounts for a mortgage. There is a lot of confusion around what “signing off” accounts actual is/what it means, so pushing the bank to really detail there requirements could be tie well spent.

  • Hasan.Ahmet
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    Which bank is it?
    With a "turnover" of 16K what's his profits?
  • Vonni
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    Hi I've had this problem before as the AAT was at some point not recognised by some financial institutions - but I was of the understanding that this problem had been resolved. Speak to the lender concerned as there is no reason why they shouldn't accept accounts signed by an AAT MIP. Additionally I believe the AAT has requested that they be advised if this continues to cause problems - ie. name and shame the lenders that do this in my opinion it's out of order! I must admit I've not had this problem recently.

    Hope you and your client get this little problem sorted.
  • burg
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    I have had the problem previously. I have overcome this by pointing them to the attached document which can be found here (near the bottom of the page


  • deanshepherd
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    Abbey are conspicuous by their absence.

    Their standard form has a statement that you have to sign confirming you are either chartered or certified.

    Last year, I made a request to the AAT that they try and get recognition with Abbey. Perhaps it's time to contact them for an update on progress.
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