Unit 32 - Professional Ethics - Skills Tests!

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I'm a level 3 AAT student and have been able to sail through all exams so far, knowing what was required of me, preparing well for all my exams/skills tests. Then comes Unit 32 Professional Ethics, where I can't for the life of me work out if my knowledge is strong enough(After reading the awful Kaplan book a few times).

This is especially hard with the Kaplan activities throughout the book since the chapters often contradict the answers to the activities in the book. The book also seems full of a lot of filler that is there just for appearances.

I liked the e-learning on the AAT website and have a good understanding of it. My question is, does the skills test involve more than what's covered in the e-learning, like some of the filler stuff in KAPLAN?

Also anyone know of good practice simulations to help me identify weaknesses? Or even a summary of what the test involves would be useful. I just want to know if I'm ready for the test since if I take a mock and fail it, my useless tutor won't let me take another for weeks.

Help appreciated :)


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    Hi there,

    If I can say such a thing, then this exam is completely common sense.

    Most people should be able to stop and think for a few minutes, and then give a sensible answer.

    This was the only exam where I actually wished that I had longer than three hours... I had so much to write.

    The only point that I had to confirm afterwards was KYC (Know your client).

    Of course, if you don't feel that you're ready then I would suggest that you quickly revise the key points, or use the pocket notes.

    I must admit that I didn't feel ready for the exam either.

    Good luck, I'm sure you're more ready than you feel !
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    Of course, if you don't feel that you're ready then I would suggest that you quickly revise the key points, or use the pocket notes.

    Thanks, but that's really the point of my post. KAPLAN seems to try it's best to confuse any "Key Points" in psychobabble. I've bought the Osborne book to see if that helps

    Edit. Osborne seems to be way better so far :)
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    Hi, I've eventually had my Unit 32 Sim result from Kaplan only yesterday (The marking tutor was ill blar blar blar). I found the Kaplan book confusing but in the end I just made sure I understood what each of the principles was (Honesty, Integrity etc) and used common sense to apply them.

    The Sim was nothing like what I had dreaded and I only had to answer 2 additional questions yesterday to be deemed competent.

    Im sure you won't find it as hard as you think If you put the work in. Try not to worry about understanding the whole gobaldy gook Kaplan write just the principle being applyed. Ask your self Is it right to do this according to AAT rules etc.
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    I had the same problem with my Ethics simulation via Kaplan distant learning. I sat my simulation at the end of August and did not have any results until October! The marking tutor's wife was ill apparantly. Do they only have 1 person marking Ethics?

    I did pass though!
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    Yes it seems only the one, first his wife was ill, then him. He's the one with awful handwriting that you can't read!

    Congrats on passing :)

    Cute dog by the way.
  • mini_schnauzer
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    He is Russell - 10 weeks old on the day we bought him home!
    I have another called Colin, but abit older at 8, still as cute though.
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    aww, we have a pug called pug who's 2 and a miniture dashund/terrier cross whos 16 weeks tomorrow called morgana. There's also the 3 cats and the chinchilla here as well lol. Are you feeling better about your skills test now?
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