Small Coy's Accounts under CA2006

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Does anyne know where I can get a template to use to prepare abbreviated small company accounts under companies act 2006, that's free!! My employer only has a small practice with a couple of ltd coy's so not really cost effective for him to purchase expensive software, either that or he is tight :-). Just thought I would see if any fellow aat members have any ideas to help, Thanks, Simon


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    If it's just abbreviated accounts that you're talking about - why not file online with Companies House and use their own template? You download it, key in your figures and send it back.
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    Thanks but they need to be provided to the company as well. Basic ltd coy accounts for SME's
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    Ltd company accounts


    You need to provide full accounts to the company not just abbreviated ones.

    I have a very small practice but purchased Sage accounts production which wasn't that expensive.
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    VT accounts costs only £199 +VAT and has all templates you need. As well as the excellent bookkeeping package you can produce both the full and abbreviated accounts under both the old and new companies regime. (I wish I had a fiver for every time I recommend VT - I swear by it now)

    If he's too mean even spend that, then he can get a book with specimen accounts (including abbreviated accounts) from Surebeck Ltd for £39. (
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    The wording that is required for filing Abbreviated Accounts under the new Companies Act 2006 is available free of charge from Companies House:
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    Thanks All

    Thank you to everyone that sent messages of advice.
    Whilst I would prefer the boss to actually invest in some decent software like VT, which would make life so much easier, I have only managed to encourage him to purchase an appropriate book but that's a good start.

    Thanks everyone.
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    Google brings a warning notice when I try to visit surebeck's webiste. Google's diagnostic page says that this page contains trojan or something and may harm my computer. I cannot proceeds until I agree to understand the danger of going to that website!

    And Internet Explorer let me visit the website!
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