Thought you had passed - and DID

Lol, in the mix of all the thought you'd failed and never/did posts and threads across all levels on the forums, I thought it'd be nice to have one for those who felt the exam had gone well and had our feelings confirmed.

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  • blobbyh
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    Brave girl! Although some people might think you're boasting - usually those who haven't passed - you should be able to celebrate your victories and all the hard work you put into achieving them.
  • Lilyflower
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    blobbyh wrote: »
    you should be able to celebrate your victories and all the hard work you put into achieving them.

    This was my reasoning behind the post. I personally don't see not passing as ''failure'' and prefer to take the approach that i have learnt a lot and will do better next time. Definately no boasting involved, besides I have never been shy about coming forward!

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  • blobbyh
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    I've never viewed failure as something that couldn't be addressed with just a little extra effort. AAT exams are not rocket science but nor are they easy however nearly everyone who put's in the required hard effort passes while those that didn't often don't. When I was at college there weren't many people who failed but of those that did, it was usually easy to see why. I'm not saying that they were lazy, as I'm well aware they had other things to deal with but so did most of the rest of us. I had two full time jobs and my three children nearly every weekend so I was knackered even without studying! I used my lunch breaks to study whereas many others didn't and grabbing a few minutes here and there wherever I could.

    The rewards of exam successes don't come cheap and sacrifices have to made if people want to achieve their goals. I've always hated the oft heard "Don't have time" excuse and time spent now is usually financially remunerated in the years to come.

    Sorry all, didn't mean this to start out as a blobby rant!
  • Toffeemadblue
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    I knew I passed FRA in December and I had. AAT papers are the exception to many exams I have taken over the years in that so often you can be sure. In many fields where you regurgitating knowledge you might feel confident but accountancy and especially double entry if it works it works and you ought to be able to be bold enough to say so. Mind you let see how brave I am after ECR in June !
  • Lilyflower
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    Good luck to you Toffee!

    I personally found ECR to be a continuation from the PRAR Simm; doing one made the other clearer

    Lily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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