Deferred Tax - is there another name?

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I'm trying to brush up on Deferred Tax (corporation tax) and I'm drawing a blank with where to read up on it.

It's not in tolleys - there is nothing under "deferred tax" in the index (apart from in respct of CGT which isn't what I'm after)
There's nothing in my ATT book in the index - even though I was asked to calculate deferred tax in the exam!!

So is it called something else? How can I learn properly if I can't find any study/ guidance on it?

*argh* :lol:

PS Steve C - (or should that be PS FAO Steve?!?!) Thanks for the article in PQ it did help a lot, but I'm still needing further stuff and preferably examples to work through :-)


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    I think the reason you're having problems finding information is you are thinking of this as an actual tax and therefore looking in tax legislation and at other tax material.

    However, deferred tax is an accounting policy and so you will not find it in the tax legislation. However, try looking up FRS 19 - Deferred Tax or ISA 12 - Income Taxes and you will probably have more luck.

    Out of interest, which paper of the ATT asked you to calculate deferred tax?
  • Monsoon
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    Heh, thank you :blush:

    It was the Business Tax and Accounting Principles paper (the one I didn't have to take as I'm MAAT but I didn't know that til after I'd passed - despite omitting the DT question *grin*)
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