D2032 Skills Test Unit 5!!

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Hello there,

If anyone could help me by giving me the answers to this skills test would be great!

I am really stuck on task 4, the SLCA reconciliation, i worked the difference out to be £7264.14, However, the question then asks to give a reason for the discrepancy....and i dont know what the reason is! does any one know what the reason could be?

therefore i can carry on with the skills test without panicing!




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    there are two errors (3 121.24 + 4143,00 = 7264.14)

    1 posting from the sales day book to SLCA. a debit posting of £20 956.19 instead of 17 835.05.
    the difference of 3 121.14 will have been posted to the debit side of the suspense account.

    2 The contra entry in the sales ledger for Bridley & co for £2 071.50 has been posted on the wrong side. It has been debited instead of postinf a credit in the sales ledger. thus error of 2,071.50 x 2 = 4,143.00
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    Do you have a copy of the answer booklet that you could e-mail to me please?

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