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Hi guys,

I am a newbie on this AAT website, and I was wondering if you guys could advise me on how to become a tax assistant. I am very interested in doing tax returns for self employed people and sole traders. I am currently in my final year of university studying accounting and finance, and im on route for a 2.1 providing I do well in my last 2 modules. Can somebody point me in the right direction of what would be the best qualification to go with either being ACCA, AAT, or anything else?

I would do ACCA but the only thing that puts me off if is the 3 years work experience plus the studying on the side, but that doesn't mean I have ruled it out. Im interested in taxation but sadly I didn't take any taxation modules as other students in my university warned me to stay clear of that module because it was difficult and could dent my chances of getting a 2.1

I would appreciate everyones advice now that I am coming to the end of university and need to choose a career path which is rewarding as well as enjoyable.


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    KPMG are taking on graduates this year & one of the areas is tax. There's a phone number on their website to contact their recruitment people on weekday lunchtimes, & an asessment test thing to help decide whether or not it's the right job for you. PWC are similar, but I wouldn't leave it too long - there might soon be alot of ex-E&Y employees looking for jobs :)
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    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your swift reply, but with KPMG recruiting for graduates they have a very difficult graduate scheme whereby the numeracy tests are hard. I saw my girl friend do the test and you have to do like so many questions in such a short space of time which she failed. I want to avoid the graduate schemes if possible, I know that sounds weird but I've had mates who have completed university who even advised me to avoid graduate schemes because of the rigorous tests involved
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    If you're sure tax is 'for you', have you looked at the ATT course?
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    Try practising those "tests" . There are psychometric test books available, sample tests online from DHL. They are difficult and I failed so many but eventually passed one which led to a job after 2 job interviews. I think accuracy is far more important in those tests than how many you can answer (But I would make sure I answer at least 60% of the questions available. Using scientific calculators coupled with % calculations tricks, and fast mental arithmetic are a big help). If you want to become a tax assistant then you would have to do these tests to join a big firm, maybe try a smaller medium sized firm that dont use these tests or use an agency to get experience. Do the Inland Revenue have such jobs ? I dont know but it may be worth a look. Good luck with your degree.
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    If you want to get into tax work, a role in a public practice would be the usual route with study for ACCA, ICAEW, ATT or perhaps CTA/Chartered Institute of Taxation.

    If you're put off from KPMG (or other big 4) try a mid tier firm. They often have graduate intakes but can be more flexible and apply less pressure but still have good training provision.

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    was just looking at the kpmg web site and would i be right in thinking they also have an experienced route not just graduate in recruitment ?
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    gvw121 wrote: »
    Hi guys,


    I would do ACCA but the only thing that puts me off if is the 3 years work experience

    Believe me you would need 3 years relevant work experience at least before you could tackle all but the simplest tax returns.
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    ATT possibly alongside ACCA for a Tax Assistant then if you want to progress to a managerial role CTA/CIOT
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