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PTC exam

SuzyglenSuzyglen Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 2
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me?? I passed my PEV, PCR and PTC last year but failed DFS. I am wanting to resit DFS in June, it has been suggested to me that I might have to resit PTC in order to get my AAT qualification as it is a different tax year. Is this true?


  • taskeytaskey Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,800
    no i think as long as you have passed, you have passed. check on your statement of achievement just to make sure, but i am positive you will be ok.

  • A-VicA-Vic Expertise Guaranteed Registered Posts: 6,970
    ive been told at college as long as you complete everything by december next year you will be ok
  • coojeecoojee Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 794
    A-Vic wrote: »
    ive been told at college as long as you complete everything by december next year you will be ok

    I've seen this a couple of times on the forum recently. I don't know if it's from different people. I just to want to give everyone the correct information so that people don't think they've got more time than they really have. The transition rules are that all units MUST BE COMPLETED before June 2011, then the centres have until December 2011 to report all outstanding units. (Quite why they'd need that long I don't know) So the December deadline is for the centres not for students. Therefore Level 4 students only have 3 sittings left to complete all the exams; June and Dec this year and June next year. If you haven't completed by June 2011 then you will be transferred to the new standards and will have to sit top up units as well as the outstanding units.
  • SuzyglenSuzyglen Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Ahh, thanks for your help. That's good to know. :-)
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