Bury Tax Office

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Has anyone heard if this tax office has closed ? just received mail back saying addresses gone away.


  • burg
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    They have been closing quite a few. My local one (Gloucester) is now in Merthyr Tydfil for CT and Bristol for PAYE.

    Try this link http://search3.openobjects.com/kbroker/hmrc/locator/locator.jsp

    Usually works best with the three digit office code.

    Bury, Lancashire returns this

    East Lancashire Tax Office for the self-employed
    0845 300 0627

    Postal address:
    Trinity Bridge House
    2 Dearmans Place
    M3 5BS

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    thanks burg thing is this is like a main one for the north west so cant see it shutting without notifying anyone.

    Also it would help if anyone answered the bloody telephone- and the fact the explanation on the sticker on the enverlope saying addressee gone away - yiks they have taken away a shopping centre in bury call the police :lol:
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    now gets really interesting royal mail has changed the post code by one didget and now deceided to send back all mail incorrectly post coded

    They say its BL9 0QR i have and a number of web sites have as below:-

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    Great Yarmouth office closed too (that's in Norfolk by the way)!
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