AAT Fees overdue?

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I started my AAT Foundation course in September last year at my local college and joined the AAT shortly after. I assumed that the fee I paid, £105 if memory serves, would last for a full twelve months and would need to be renewed in September this year.

I now see on myAAT that I have overdue fees of £47! Where did this come from and why have I received no correspondence about it? If I don't pay it does that mean that I will not receive my exam results?

Many thanks in advance for your replies


  • Monsoon
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    Best to ask AAT direct. I think their billing is very confusing (which is ironic, considering they are an accountancy organisation!)

    When I was a student, I paid my £x once a year so there's nothing I can think of off the top of my head for your £47.
  • CovTeej
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    Thanks Monsoon

    Have emailed and am just awaiting their reply..
  • LucyJ
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    I think someone else had this problem and found that AAT put that fees are due 2 months in advance of the renewal date!
  • A-Vic
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    yep that would be me - i rang them and they staited they post them 2 months in advance but isnt due till 1st september
  • AK002
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    Yeah, mine are due 01/09 and they are showing as due already, nothing to worry about.

    Although it's £90 odd a year so £47 sounds more like an exam fee?
  • CovTeej
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    Thanks all, it is actually £74, not £47!!

    In my shock I got the number mixed up, not very good for an accountancy student...
  • snowmarauder
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    I got my renewal letter yesterday. They are getting very up on people paying up front, havent even enrolled properly yet for level 4. But even if you dont enrol, you can still keep your student membership up. Technically its a profession club. But good to be in, as we get the forum the cbe practise and all the past papers and support for £74. £1.4? a week. Bargain if you ask me.
  • CovTeej
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    I received my renewal letter on Saturday, but am not going to renew until I have my result from the Foundation exam!

    As I don't work in accounts I don't currently need the support, I started the course after I had been made redundant as I thought it would help me to get another job!
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