Requirements for AAT qualifications

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Hi Folks

Apart from passing the relevant exams to get AAT qualified, is there also a requirement to have 1 year's relevant work experience?

The reason why I am asking, is because I am studying the AAT at the moment and gettng through it quite quickly, sinvce I am out of a job, and thinking of going on to the ACCA.

So, is it worth me having a brief look at the ACCA syllabus when I have a few minutes to spare, or shall I concentrate on completing tha AAT and getting the relevant work experience, before thinking about the ACCA.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


  • amyjayne27
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    Hi Geek,

    You are right in thinking that you have to have a years experience to become MAAT qualified.

    I would definately concentrate finishing the AAT before starting anything new. How far into the course are you?

    Good luck

  • geek84
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    Hi Amy

    Thanks for your speedy reply.

    I am still on level 2 stage - certificate. I have done the relevant assignments and now doing the practice exam papers. I think I have 2 levels more after this. How about you?

    I'm trying to do as much of the course as possible since I an not working at the moment!
  • amyjayne27
    amyjayne27 Registered Posts: 314

    You will be fine in the exam I'm sure. I am on intermediate, just done my first exam.

    The time will fly by I promise!

    Good luck on your studies and keep at it, it will all be worth it (hopefully) in the end!

  • SandyHood
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    I encourage you to work in accounts.
    Ultimately we all study this subject for the career boost it gives, so think about the future.
    If you turn up for an interview with a clear track record and some exam passes to your credit you can sell yourself more easily than turning up with lots of exam passes and no real evidence that you really have done the job and understand the details of how the job works.
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  • Jacalina
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    I agree, you should definitely concentrate on studying for your AAT and getting some experience in accounts rather than looking into ACCA yet. As you're still in the earlier stages of your AAT, now would be a good time to start building up your experience to back it up. Otherwise you run the risk of ending up in a 'black hole' where qualifications wise you are over qualified for jobs, but experience wise you are under qualified.

    Some of my classmates from AAT finished all the exams without any experience but then they weren't able to be a member of the AAT as they did not have the experience required.
  • geek84
    geek84 MAAT Posts: 568 ? ? ?

    Thanks everyone for your replies so far.

    The only experience I have of accounts is credit control - I have more than 7 years experience of that! Can anyone suggest what other accounting roles I could apply for? I have experience and am good at excel.

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