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    Yup, Creative Zen X-Fi - currently ranked 2nd best MP3 player in 'Stuff' magazine despite getting on a bit (one place behind the iPod Touch but costs much less with better quality sound) - in 16gb format - or even 32gb if you're lucky - for less than £100 combined with a pair of Koss Porta-Pro headphones at around £20. Not as gadgety as an iPod but superior sound if you just want to listen to music.
    This is it in my opinion. They're trying to cram everything into these devices they're losing the quality in what it's supposed to do.
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    I don't think the App store is that brilliant to be honest. How many of the free Apps are actually useful? Yes they're fun but get boring after a while. And podcasts you can get anywhere can't you? I had an iPod touch that i have now given to my daughter as the sound quality is pants. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice looking gadget but there's better music players out there for quite a bit cheaper. Also the headphones fall apart after a month or so.

    These 'smart' phones are all about downloading dodgy little apps, if thats not what your after just save yourself some money and get something else.

    I don't think theres one mp3 player out there thats got head phones I wouldn't replace. If you appreciate the quality its always worth getting a decent pair.
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