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Hi all,

I have searched the forums but haven't found what I'm looking for.

Im currently studying DFS (diploma pathway) using the workbook Kaplan sent me which is the 2009/10 edition. The layout of the financial statements is the old way around i.e. Assets, Liabilitys, Reserves. I am now a bit confused as searching on here it looks as though I should be using the format Assets, Reserves, Liabilities. The textbook states it is current for the June 10 exams so to my understanding should be showing the new format.

I am a bit concerned how much of the layouts have changed and if im studying them all wrong. (I am also a bit annoyed with Kaplan for not updating the textbook correctly).

Please can someone point me in the right direction.

Many thanks



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    if you go on the osborn website they have templates you can download
  • *Jo
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    Thanks, im on that site now just looking.
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    Hi Jo

    Yes I too noticed this as I read the 09/10 edition over the holidays, ( I bought it second hand) I then stared college this month and got given the 10/11 edition to find that the format had changed.

    I'm slightly concerned that Kaplan have sent you an old year book, I wonder if this was due to a delay in the printing of the new ones, our college ones were delayed by a couple of weeks because of this. If I were you I would query it and ask for a new book.

  • *Jo
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    Thanks Zara,

    As I am distance learning the course was paid for and the books sent out in advance. I have spoken to my tutor and she has confirmed that the books were printed before the standards changed. Can't see me getting the new book but I will try for it. Trouble is the time left till the exam. Distance learning support are gonna send me some other stuff to help so fingers crossed. I'd advise anyone else who is struggling to contact Kaplan tutor support and complain like I have done. They are expecting a flood of calls regarding this, and are highly apologetic.

    Thanks for your help everyone whos replied :D
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    the new standards have been in the pipeline for a long time. You should not have been sent the wrong book. The new version should be sent to you now. Your exam isnt till december right?
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