VAT on display kitchens??

claire162 Registered Posts: 3 New contributor ?
Hi can anyone help. Can you claim back the VAT on display kitchens?

Thanks for your help



  • T.C.
    T.C. Registered, Tutor Posts: 1,448
    I can't see why not as this is a form of advertising, isn't it?
  • JodieR
    JodieR Registered Posts: 1,002
    Yes you can. I do the books for several kitchen companies and at least 2 have had VAT inspections and there's never been a problem with claiming VAT on displays.

    The most common complication with VAT for a kitchen business is if you install a kitchen for a new build (which will be a zero-rated sale) just watch how you account for the appliances because if you don't charge VAT on the appliances on the invoice to the customer then you can't reclaim the VAT when you purchase those appliances.
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