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value for our work

M0307M0307 Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 16
Im looking for work and Ive found a job for an assistant bookkeeper with a salary equiv to min wage - is it just me or are they under-valuing the job? You get more working in your local supermarket!!

What do you think is roughly right? (they want someone with a qualification in accountancy too) - (Im only passed part of AAT so far but I want to know that its worth getting the rest of the qualification!!)

I know that times are tough but that bad??????


  • blobbyhblobbyh Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,415
    Your supermarket point is mostly relevant to the organisation you're working in. Yes you would hope to be getting more than the cleaner if you were working in a run-of-the-mill factory but if you were working at an organisation such as Manchester United, even the groundsman would be on considerably more than most of the accounts department.

    You should ideally compare salaries against like for like businesses and what they're paying, not necessarily the accounts functions in isolation.
  • M0307M0307 Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 16
    Seriously - £5.90 per hour for a aat L3 bookkeeper?
    Ive never seen a job for this kind of role advertised for such a low rate!
    (By the way this company is not a small fly by night company)
  • MonsoonMonsoon Font Of All Knowledge FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4,071
    That's taking the piss. NMW is £5.93 by the way, since 01/10/10.
  • blobbyhblobbyh Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,415
    With respect to the OP, unless you have practical experience to back up what you're learning or are sublimely competent beyond your current level, a level 3 AAT bookkeeper isn't really that much to shout about.

    I imagine many of the poor invoices I see day, in day out are from people who "know a little about bookkeeping" yet fail to observe - or even worse, possibly not know - some of the most basic rules. AAT doesn't prepare you for every eventuality. Arguably, you won't become a proficient bookkeeper until you finish Technician and/or have a couple of years of practical experience behind you.

    Quality bookkeepers cost around £20-£25 per hour self employed. Even when employed by others, they should still be on around £12-£15 per hour if they can offer supporting attributes such as forecasting, basic management accounts, credit control duties etc.
  • LondinaLondina Experienced Mentor MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 814
    My first job in accounting was in 2005 on 13K per year...and I was on Intermediate level. I didn't mind at all the salary, getting the job and experience is far more important if you have none. There are also people that do voluntary work for free, remember that!
  • Parmstrong83Parmstrong83 New Member Registered Posts: 10
    I agree, wages are poor to start.

    While I was studying intermediate I was on around £14k a year working a Sales Ledger role for a FTSE 150 company. I am still in the same department my role has evolved slightly and had a marginal increase in wages, but study support is no longer offered.

    The one thing I have found is that you need to do something to make you stand out and be different, there are thousands fully qualified MAATs out there actively looking for work. What makes you different is the expierence you have and the skills you can bring to the table, so for a good amount of time you will be on a poor wage whilst you are gaining expierence.

    What motivates you to continue the qualification? If it is solely the money then prehaps it might be worthwhile considering a switch to professional Sales? you can make good money quickly there.
  • M0307M0307 Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 16
    It is not just about the money, and I would have continued working in sales myself if that was all I was interested in, however I was suprised, esp when there are other similar positions offering higher than national minimum wage..
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