Please advise on which tax book to buy

Sarah-LouSarah-Lou Well-KnownPosts: 141Registered

Just went to purchase a Tolleys tax book but am a bit confused as there seem to be two that cover all aspects of tax. One is the Tolleys Tax guide at £74.95 and one is the Tolleys yellow tax handbook at £111.95.

Am only offering personal tax at the moment, however tax is the area I am going on to study (AAT tax units in Jan and then ATT so on lol) and would appreciate advice on which to go for.

Thank you



  • bumblebeebumblebee Well-Known Posts: 135Registered
    If you need something which covers all areas in general, I would recommend Alan Melville's Taxation. I found that quite handy and it doesnt cost that much.
  • groundygroundy Trusted Regular Posts: 495Registered
    Tolleys tax guide is well worth the money and is like the bible in our office
  • MoneySavingBankMoneySavingBank Well-Known Posts: 143Registered
    groundy is right

    Some practice consider Tolleys tax guide as a bible. Even though it is expensive, you remember you will learn for your life. ( How to use it? :D lol)
  • JodieRJodieR Experienced Mentor Posts: 1,002Registered
    Tolly's Tax guide is written in plain english & easy to follow with lots of examples of calculations and practical advice. Is the yellow book you're talking about maybe the full legislation? If so you can (or could in the past) take the yellow book into the ATT exam with you, so it might be a good idea to get it if you can, but it's not really a substitute for the tax guide.
  • wildgoose1ukwildgoose1uk Well-Known Posts: 200Registered
    Tolley's is also £5 cheaper at Amazon and no carriage to pay!
  • Sarah-LouSarah-Lou Well-Known Posts: 141Registered
    thank you I will be checking out Amazon in a moment!
  • MonsoonMonsoon Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 4,071FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    Tolley's Tax Guide

    The Yellow and Orange books are more legislations, rather than commentary. The Guide sets it all out in plain english, it's a bit like a text book but better.

    We usually pay £60 or so for it.
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