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I wonder if anyone out there can help me!!
Last quarter I had to raise an invoice. It was for a pilot project (a service I presume). I did it as per the PO which was issued for 60000 GBP. The offices are based in the UK but the Bill to address was to Ireland. The tax was at 0% - so I issued the invoice for £60000.
My first question is why do I not put VAT on it?
I have now been sent a Value Added Tax EC Sales List from HMRC - do I have to fill this with the details of the invoice. I did ask an accountant and he said no - but somehow I'm not so sure.
I am confused as to why there is no VAT added - will VAT ever get paid on this invoice and how! What is the purpose of the Valued Added Tax EC Sales List.
I would be so grateful if someone could shed any light on this for me.


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    You can zero rate the invoice if the customer is VAT registered in an EC member state.

    They account for VAT at their own standard rate in their own country (much like the reversa charge when we receive an invoice from an EC supplier).

    I think the EC Sales list is for goods only, but it's been a while since I've done it. In fact I'm pretty sure it's for goods only, not services.

    The purpose of the EC sales list is twofold, it ensures things are being zero rated correctly with correct VAT numbers and also it's for statistical purposes. If someones sales are high enough they will have to compelte instrastat returns (which thank goodness I never had to do, though it was close!!).
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    Hi, the EC Sales list is now for services as well as goods. I only deal with the goods at work so not sure entirely what the limits etc are for services. Business link should have more information. A recent VAT seminar thing I attended said that most the useful information is being put on there nowadays.

    Intrastat and EC sales lists really arent that bad at all. I do both Intrastat arrivals and despatches and EC sales list for my work. Saying that we don't sell a great deal to the EC so not as bad as someone who is a major importer/exporter.

    All you put on EC Sales List is the country code, the VAT number of the company and description i.e. goods/services. Give the HMRC helpline a call and they will advise if you need to complete it and how to go about it.

    I've called them before if we have had a funny transaction like goods being delivered to one country but invoice goes to another.
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    Thanks for all your help!
    I will have a look at the business link website!
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