Any VAT experts out there

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Hi there

I need some advice, on my clients behalf, from someone that specalises in VAT.

My AAT tutor has advised me that my clients predicament is beyond the realms of most accountants.

If you can help, or if you know someone that you could put me in touch with, I would be really grateful if you could e mail me on [email protected]

I don't want to start going into detail if there isn't anyone on this forum that can help.

Thanks very much



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    Perhaps put up a bit more detail than that and you may get help.. you never know who's on these forums... i.e. Steve, Sandy etc some fairly qualified folk.

    What area of VAT?

    Imports, exports? Property? etc

    I'm not sure your AAT tutor would know much other than VAT matters that relate to AAT course work... although there are exceptions to that.
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    I have found someone to help who is contacting me tomorrow, he is apparently an ex VAT inspector, but I will post the details on here as I am still interested on other people's thoughts.

    My payroll Client took over a pub on 2nd August, he checked online to see when he should register for VAT and was under the impression that he waited until his turnover reached Β£70,000. So he registered when it reached Β£65,000 ish. He did not consider that he was taking over a going concern as the previous tenant had 'done a runner' leaving no details at all, the brewery got another chap in to run it for a few weeks until they were able to find a new tennant, in this case-my client. The other chap was running a nearby pub and just came in to keep it open. My client then purchased the assets from the brewery.

    The problem we have is that, firstly the VAT office is going to fine him for registering late as they believe that the business was a going concern, I believe we may be able to get the fine revoked if we explain the situation. Secondly his VAT liability is quite high as his Sales are Standard rated but most of his purchases are zero rated food item, therefore the liability up to the Β£70,000 turnover is a few grand, if it can be proved that the business was not a going concern, he wont be liable for the VAT liability on the first Β£70,000. One of the problems is that the brewery didn't actually close the doors between the tenants.

    Is anyone able to provide an more advice on this?

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