Clare Finch book on accounting standards

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I am studying for FNST, and am using the Osborne book. I'm wondering whether it's also worth forking out the cash for this book - A Student's Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards

It would be great to hear if anyone found it useful for DFS or FNST. Any advice would be very much appreciated.


  • *Jo
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    I brought it and found it useful when studying DFS.

    The book is laid out nicely in easy to read sections and uses alot of what I call "plain English" to explain things.
  • reddwarf
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    Good memory aids too and real life examples. V good! But I used it for DFS.
  • mge
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    Many thanks *Jo and reddwarf. It sounds like a good book - I'll order it now :)
  • anniebabe
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    ive got that book, its very good.
  • keane155
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    That book makes learning financial statements so much easier - would recommend it! :)
  • Nikdoug
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    I've already completed DFS but can anyone tell me if this will be a good book to have if progressing to aca/acca?
  • anniebabe
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    I would say that this book would be suitable - the book is sold as an essential reading aid for all students sitting accountancy exams to international financial reporting standards. The book is colour coded and breaks everything down on a need to know basis.
  • Steve Collings
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    Having taught financial reporting students in a previous life, I would always recommend that you invest in this book. Text books tend to regurgitate "official" language and terminology whereas this book is more "down to earth".

    You can also use it if you are continuing to the Chartered qualifications.

    Kind regards
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