New client, query on Self Assessment

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I've just taken on a new client who has wound up business and needs self assessment done. Up til now his previous accountants have always filed his tax returns a year behind ie. 2009/2010 SA covered accounts for 2008/2009. So, I basically have 2 years of accounts to sort out, am I right in assuming I can catch this up and put into one SA for 2010/2011. Also, he wound up business in sept but has balances outstanding on debtors / creditors, he has since paid / received these so they're clear but has no idea where his statements are after closing date (or at least is very reluctant for me to have them). What is the best way to deal with this? Should I just dig my heels in and insist he get hold of them?


  • T.C.
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    How can the previous accounts have been putting accounts in a year behind - when was his trading year end? If the business has finished and he does not want to give you details of debtors and creditors I wouldn't worry - just put in basic profit and loss accounts.
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    Reluctant - is he hiding something?

    If his year end is 31 March then it does seem odd that his tax returns have been done as you describe. If his year end is anything else then you need to look up basis periods and how to deal with them on cessation.

    I'm not really sure how to go about correcting it if the prior accountant actually has done it wrong, as presumably the cliens will lose out on a year of personal allowance, which seems unfair. Losing it might be preferable to correcting many previous returns though!
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    Monsoon wrote: Β»
    Reluctant - is he hiding something?

    Pretty sure he's not hiding anything, he's a very disorganised guy who has been dealing with a lot of medical problems. Tbh it doesn't matter that he misses out on a years allowance, his profits are very low for the period as he'd been winding down for a while.
    Finally finished last October and gave previous bookkeeper paperwork, he has no idea what he's done with subsequent statements.
    He's keen to get it all wound up and out of the way now as he's a full time carer
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