Job Interview Tomorrow!!

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Hi All,

I've got a job interview tomorrow for an Accounts Assistant and it says the pay is negotiable depending on experience - well I have plenty of "experience" but none of it actually working within an acocunts department - it has all sort of been in the admin side but coding and authorising payments of invoices etc. no VAT returns or trial balances etc.

I would really love the job becuase it is 5mins away from where I live so will reduce my hours considerably but I know I will have to take a drop in salary as I am well paid for what I currently do!

What sort of salary should I be looking at asking for??


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    Well, if they offer you a job then you would be a strong position to negotiate. If you already have a decent paying job then that shows your market worth. I'm quite involved in staff funding and offering contracts, you would be surprised how many times an employee comes back to us and says 'i'm not prepared to take a pay cut', and we of course pay the higher amount every time!

    In general terms, I think I've seen account assistant posts advertised between 15k and 25k. It is a bit of a vague description though.
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    Thanks for that! I'd be happy for £19k so no drop in salary but we'll see. Well I have the interview in a couple of hours so I will let you know how I got on!
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    Good Luck!!!!
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    Good luck :)
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    Thanks for the Good Luck messages!
    Interview turned upside down because the position had changed slightly because the person who was going to leave has changed their minds!!! So may be more credit control than Purchase Ledger but I am still interested because at least it would get "my foot in the dorr" so to speak. Well I think the interview went well (but who knows). He said he liked my CV which is why he still went ahead with the interview even though the position had changed. All was going well untill I was asked for my current salary and holidays. I know I am well paid (19k) and have good hols (26 plus Bank Hols) - thank god he didin't ask about my pension scheme because that is out of this world!! However, I am looking at the long term future so I hope this hasn't put him off!! There was no salary mentioned and I didn't ask - I just stated that I was still interested in the position and now they know what I am currently on hopefully if they want me then they may be able to come up with something close.
    Just the waiting game now - which I hate!! lol
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