Icas help

Hi all, yes another question im afraid!
I have done the first draft and have recieved feedback and one of the areas i need to improve is external regulations.
My tutor has wrote, 'covered, although would be good to mention accounting standards here and the IASB etc. Changes in accounting standards affect accounting practice.'

Please someone explain what this means? Many thanks


  • rehana
    rehana Registered Posts: 61 ? ? ?
    Did you do the case study.
    I passed mine and I wrote how the accounts were prepared in accordance with IAS 1 etc and that Payroll should be aware of P 32 submission dates etc. Vat rate changes in sales ledger etc. Requiremnts to send returns to Companies House etc
  • Becky V
    Becky V Registered Posts: 374
    No i am doing it as work based project, but thank you that does help :)
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