VAT Fuel Scale Charge

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Quick question for the Tax experts on here.

I've tried to find confirmation on the HMRC, Business Link and other various websites but I am failing.

With regard to the payment of the Fuel Scale Charge (FSC), it increased 1st May 2011 but states that it is to be applied from the start of the next prescribed accounting period after 1st May 2011.

My understanding is that as our VAT quarter is for Mar, Apr May then we would apply this increase to the next VAT quarter and not calculate separate charges for the individual months.

Please can someone confirm this is the case.

Many Thanks.



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    I had the same query a while back so I rang and spoke with the VAT office and they confirmed that it starts from the next prescribed accounting VAT period so you are correct in saying that it begins from the next quarter. Obviously those doing it monthly would be using the correct rates from May.
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