Completing EC Sales List

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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone out there has a good working knowledge of completing the EC Sales list? I have a bit of a query, it's a bit complicated!




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    I do them monthly for goods only. whats the problem?
  • Sparkly
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    It's one of those instances where I've been doing something for a couple of years and am now questioning if i'm doing it right!

    I also complete the return monthly for goods, downloading the info I require from our accounts system. I have noticed that some transactions have both a 'shipped to party' and an 'end user' which in some instances are different. I'm trying to find out which is the correct one I should be reporting, maybe its really straight forward and i'm missing something, I've tried to search for clarification on the internet but am not getting anywhere.

    Is there an obvious simple ruling I need to take in to account?
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    That doesn't relate to the transactions I deal with sorry.

    Is it that there are different countries depending on the shipped to or end user? I would think the Tax number and country would be that of your customer regardless of the end user but probally best to check with HMRC.

    Try the Business Link Website they have useful information on there.

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    We have had the same queries with EC sales lists and Intratsat movements etc, we put on the EC sales list the shipped to location rather than the end user / billed location as it is a goods movement that should reconcile to the Intrastat return and Box 8/9 of the VAT return, have had no queries doing this from HMRC on their audits.
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