Going it alone on level 4 - Which units do I HAVE to enrol for?

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Hi everyone.

I'm about to start level 4 and cash is very tight at the moment (have given up work to look after my baby daughter), so I'm hoping to go it alone as much as possible. I studied the first two levels through Kaplan via distance learning, and didn't use them much, so I'm fairly confident I can do it.

I was under the impression that you do have to enrol with a traning provider to do the assessment-based units as these are marked in-house, while you can go it alone for the CBT tests and do the test as an external student. Am I right in this?

Q1) Could someone please clarify for me which units on level 4 (QCF) are assessment-based and which are basic CBT tests? I can't seem to find this information anywhere.

I'm looking to study:

Financial statements
Financial performance
Internal control and accounting systems (Obviously will have to enrol for this one)

And out of the optional modules:
Business tax
Personal tax (depending on the answer to my next qestion:)

Q2) I also did Credit management and Control at level 3 (diploma based). Does this count towards one of the optional modules, meaning I only have to do Business Tax, or would I still need to do 2 modules?

Would also appreciate comments and advice from anyone going it alone on level 4.




  • linzip1703
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    Financial statements, budgeting and financial performance are all computer based tests.
    Internal Control is a project either work based or simulation given to you by the college - this is then marked by the tutor.
    Business & Personal Tax are both computer based tests.

    Ive just finished my level 4 and im waiting on results.
    I did mine through a college.

    Hope this helps
  • jenny3549
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    Hi Alison,

    The ICAS unit is the only one which you actually need a provider for. If you're happy with Kaplan they will allow you to pay for that one only with them.

    Yep, the Cash Management at Level 3 counts towards one of your options so you only need to do the one tax exam. It was the same for me so I just did Personal Tax (although would much preferred if ICAS was an option and I could have dropped that one and done Business Tax instead!)
  • Siobhan Carmel
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    Good luck with this Alison. I did level four on my own, and got it! It can be done. I could not afford to study at a college, so for most of the Units I bought the text book and studied at home.
    With determination - you can do it!

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