AccountsPortal and VAT on EU sales and purchases

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Hi there,

my free trial period with AccountsPortal has expired and I can't find this in the help. I think some of you guys use AccountsPortal on here so thought I'd ask here as not had a reply yet from AccountsPortal.

My potential client has asked about online SaaS systems relating to VAT and asks "I make some sales to EU countries and what if the vat amount was paid to a company suchas ebay registered in luxembourg? Doesn't this have to be dealt with seperately the he VAT return and it would therefore cause problems at the end of year?

I think Xero handles this but not sure about AccountsPortal. If not dfo you know any other SaaS that would handle this. Xero is quite expensive

Also thinking of becomming an AccountsPortal partner as I think its a nice piece of software so if any of you are already a partner can you use the software yourself? Is there a restriction say getting some clients signed up if you are to use it (I am thinking here of using it to get familiar with it for my own accounts and recommending it but if I don't get any clients who wish to use it for a while will I then have to pay for it if I am using it - this is a clause in Xero ie you become a partner and have to get so many clients signed up within 3 months.
Also within AccountsPortal do you have a practice view where you can see a list of all your clients and also you can set a client up within your practice so you invoice them. Its a bit unclear from the email I got from them regarding this.
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