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Hello and advance thanks

Can anyone recommend any childcare vouchers scheme operators? We're looking at introducing this as a benefit and after reviewing the requirements for such a scheme (HMRC etc) we just need to find a reputable provider - one that isn't going to try and cut corners on compliance etc.



  • payrollpro
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    Cut corners on compliance, who would have thought it, shame on you!! Mind you that probably discounts quite a few of them.

    I have been quite impressed by Edenred (was Accor) and their documentation shows they have a good grasp of the compliance issues. They fell down for me by not seeming to know the new rules for calculating the marginal tax rate or that once set the employee retains that level of relief no matter what happens later but to be fair they were fast changing rules.

    Also had some dealings with Busybees a few years back, also seemed not bad on compliance but I was unhappy with their sales approach, it was a bit to assertive.

    Be good to hear some feedback on how you get on.

  • NeilH
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    Thanks for your reply. We're quite clued up on the personal/payroll tax issues that come with offering salary sacrifice benefits but as this is a new area to us we want to be sure that we're dealing with someone who will a) do it right in the first place and b) give us correct information and advice should we need it.

    I'm waiting to hear from a couple of our group companies to see who they use. At the moment it isn't a group wide policy and it's up to us to decide who we use so I want a few options to consider.

    Thanks again

  • Rinske
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    Busybees is renamed to computershare vouchers.

    We do use them, but I got no insight in how well they do or don't.
  • Gem7321
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    Busybees here too but never had to actually deal with them directly
  • HayleyB
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    Kids Unlimited is who my work use, I use them for vouchers for my daughter and have dealt with them directly as well as through out HR department. They have always been helpful and action any changes quickly.
  • NickyW
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    I set up a scheme at my last place of work - I used They were extremely good and easy to use!
  • blobbyh
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    We use Kiddivouchers too - cheap and seem to know their stuff judging by the number of legal updates they send out.
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