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Hi all, I need to do my very first professional clearance letter (or whatever its called these days). Although I already have several clients this is the first one who has a current accountant they wish to change from.

I've searched the MIP section on the AAT site and can not seem to find an example letter to work from. Does anyone know if there's on there and I've just missed it?

Otherwise does anyone know where I can find an example letter to give me some guidance. Ideally I'm after something which will guide me.

Any advice would be appreciated. thank you :)



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    Dear Sirs


    We have been approached by the above to act as their Accountants and we should be grateful if you would supply us with any information which might influence our decision whether or not to accept this appointment. We understand that you have been advised of this approach and have been given written authority to disclose information to us.

    On the basis that there is no such information that would influence our decision, we should be obliged if you would please supply the following:

    In relation to the Company:

    1) A copy of the last financial statements available.
    2) A copy of the trial balance in agreement with those accounts.
    3) Such schedules as you have giving details of:
    a) Debtors and prepayments;
    b) Creditors and accruals;
    c) Bank reconciliations;
    d) Fixed assets.
    4) A copy of the last corporation tax return.
    5) Copies of the last taxation computations.
    6) A note of the tax district and reference numbers.
    7) A copy of the latest P35 and PAYE to date figures.
    8) A note of the Companies House authentication code.
    9) Any other information which you consider would be of assistance to us.

    In relation to <INSERT DIRECTORS NAME>:

    1) A copy of the last Tax Return completed by you;
    2) Copies of the last taxation computations, including supporting schedules;
    3) Details of any losses available for relief.
    4) Details of any elections that are in force.
    5) Any other information which you consider would be of assistance to us.

    Thanking you in anticipation of your assistance.
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