Unit 15 Mock Simulation/questions

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Hi All,

Im struggling with unit 15 and the main problem is the lack of pratice questions. Does anybody have some mock simulations or pratice questions please. It would be a great help.


  • uknitty
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    I did the unit 15 on the Diploma Pathway - is this still being examined ?

    There is one practice simulation on the AAT website which you can access via your "My AAT" aacount. You will find the link in the middle column just under where is says "My statement of acheivement" From there click on Diploma Pathway and select AAT Intermediate. Unit 15 info is hiding there ! Youa re quite right though - theres not very much available for this unit !

    I've still got the Kaplan textbook for this unit in perfect condition ( I used the Osborne ones in the end and bought the Kaplan ones for extra questions although I didn't actually get around to using them :D) I was looking to sell it on. If it will be of any use to you and you are interested let me know.
  • irehs
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    Thank you, yes I have the one on the website and I have the Kaplan book, just need more to get in the swing of it.

    Yes they are still examining this one till the end of the month!!
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