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moving on to ACCA

AmyRichardsonAmyRichardson Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 89
Only waiting on 1 exam now (personal tax) done my project and it came back competent :D

I have just got a new job too where they will pay all my ACCA studies and my position will be Assistant Accountant! I cant wait!

Is any one else moving on to ACCA after AAT?

I can safely say AAT has done me a lot of favours and I am sure I aint the only one.



  • PGMPGM Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,954

    I can safely say AAT has done me a lot of favours and I am sure I aint the only one.

    I did the same!

    Still feel like I've gotten more from AAT so far..
  • mrb82mrb82 Well-Known Registered Posts: 147
    I've started Intermediate level this week and can't wait to finish AAT so I can move on to ACCA!

    My employer has been kind enough to pay for my AAT studies, but I don't feel I'm getting real accounts exerience as I'm doing very basic credit control and posting expenses.

    I'd like to go in to practice while studying ACCA, but it's a risk to move to a new job with a young family to provide for. Also, I don't want to seem ungrateful to my employer for giving me this great opportunity to start a career!
  • AmyRichardsonAmyRichardson Feels At Home Registered Posts: 89
    Thats good that they have paid for your AAT maybe as you progress through your studies they will allow you to do more accounts work, would make sense as they have paid for it :-)

    I have always wanted to do the AAT to ACCA route. I started it as an apprenticeship from school, so I was 15 at the time, now I am 19 and nearly aat qual.

    Why would you want to go into practice? Would u like to set your own practice up one day?

    I worked in practice and decided it wasnt for me, even though I am in industry I still chose to acca because you always have the option to do some practice work, which I may well do on the side.

    Also in practice its a lot less paid, so may not be a good move if you have a young fam to provide for, but on the other side, training is seen to be a lot better :)
  • deborahcarpenterdeborahcarpenter Well-Known Registered Posts: 161
    I finished AAT in June and have moved onto ACCA!!

    Got my first 2 exams in December - taxation and financial reporting.

    I am doing a self study course at home using the BPP books, so far so good.

    Good luck in your role and happy studying!!!!
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