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Sandy Dog
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Sage sent me an email a few days ago offering me a discount on the purchase of Sage 50, the offer closing today, Thursday. I only read it at about 5 pm so I spoke to them to ask for an extension. They said that the offer closed at 6 pm today but I think that they may extend the offer to me if I call them early tomorrow morning.

I have been considering buying Sage 50 for some time to learn from and use. Also I am looking to set up in business and what I really wanted to know is whether or not it is virtuallly essential to purchase if I am to set up in business.

Also, if I was dealing with a builder who has CIS deducted from his invoices, is it necessary to buy the CIS add-on or can I account for his CIS without needing the add-on.


  • Lady Gaga
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    Hello Trevor, I don't think it is necessary to use Sage. Why don't you download the free trial version of VT+ its a lot cheaper than Sage and you get to use it for 60 days before you have to make your mind up. I actually prefer it to Sage now!

    Best wishes
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    Solar Accounts
    VT T+
    VT Cashbook
    Accounts Portal.

    Don't even look at Sage, it's overpriced and its modern competitors blow it out of the water.
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    If you do decide to go for sage (another Solar supporter here! you don't need the CIS add on. I create a dummy bank account called CIS deductions and use this to clear the CIS balance on customer ledgers then I'm left with a total for the year. Then I use another dummy bank account for any suppliers with CIS deductions.
  • Sandy Dog
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    Sage 50 - Thanks

    Thanks to each one of you for your replies.

    I have also heard from another source that accounting life goes on without sage. Sage want £560 + VAT so, even if Sage gave me a 50% discount, VT and Solar are quids in cheaper. I shall be giving both a trial before I choose.

    Thanks Gem re your tip on CIS - I'll give that a go too.
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