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Hi all,

Now my AAT is completed I want to move onto to ACCA however funds are very limited right now and unlikely to change in the next few months, I don't want to waste time doing nothing so have decided to by the first few ACCA textbooks to study from to get a headstart while I figure out money!

What are the latest textbooks to buy for ACCA 2012 exams? Do I buy the ones for 2011 exams or are newer books due for release next year, will the syllabus be much different?

Hope someone can help as don't want to waste money!




  • mark057
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    Hi Purple,

    I'm very much in the same position as you.

    You can buy study texts on the BPP or Kaplan websites.

    I personally prefer the BPP study materials but it is up to personal preference really.

    I passed my F4 (Corporate and business law) paper using only the BPP study text and revision book and am studying towards F5 the same way.

    A note of caution though, the study texts can be heavy going and require real discipline. I would advise the purchase of just one or two books to start with just to get the feel for ACCA.

    Finally, its probably best to buy the study texts for the year you are going to sit the exam. There could be subtle changes to the syllabus.

  • purple19m
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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your reply, encouraging to hear that you have already sat an exam studying yourself, well done.

    I studied AAT distance learning and only spoke to my tutor 3 or 4 times so least I have experience of distance learning. I will be putting the hours in, the way I look at it is we can't afford to fail with the exam fees so all my efforts always go into studying, I don't enter unless i'm confident. I think of it as keeping costs to a minimum!

    I am planning to buy F4 and F5 and take my time, I always reread text books over and over, boring but more sinks in and makes sense each time. I just really don't want to be left doing nothing because of money so at least we are being productive even on a budget.

    The texts books i've looked at say for 2011 exams, I must be missing the 2012 texts, will go back and have a proper look now as i'm eager to make a start, plenty of nights in to study with winter on it's way. All this studying makes us wise with time and money.

  • Richard
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    Hi Purple,

    I studied for F4 & F5 using the BPP text books. I also attended a F4 revision course to boost my confidence.

    However, since BPP launched the online classroom I have studied using the online lectures and course notes. This has made me realise just how much depth there is in the text books, especially when you reach the higher levels. To give an example, I'm currently studying P5, and the text book is nearly 600 pages long, compared to the course notes which is just below 300 pages.

    The text books cover every little bit of the syllabus, so will include areas that will probably never be examined, and if they were, would be worth very little marks anyway.

    Good luck with what you decide.

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