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I am not a happy bunny! :'(

I have never really had any problems with Kaplan up until now... I have been waiting over 2 months for my WEAF results!!! They are the last results I need to obtain my level 2 cert, which just angers me even more! Since AAT have to verify the marked assessment then wait for the month end (I'm guessing here?) to send out the certificate.

Sorry for the rant, but I just wanted to know if there are any other people out there who have waited too long for their results?


  • JasonTurbo
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    They must have some serious issues with turning around results and I just hope that when I come to take my WEAF that they sort these issues out.

    Although I'm studying at college it might be worth noting that I've had my WEAF unit moved to earlier in the year so I'm figuring that my college must be aware of this delay.
  • PGM
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    Very annoying after the prices they charge and knowing your passes depend on their service :(
  • Sammmy88
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    I had the same problem! I waited over 2 months for my results! I took it in Early May and recieved my results at the end of July! I was fumming! I started Level 3 though without the result in June! Needless to say I chose another Learning Provider for Level 3!
    Level 2 - Passed 2011
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    Awaiting to start CIMA :)
  • coojee
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    It's been mentioned here before but there are marking timescales that all providers must stick to, it's a condition of their registration with the AAT. Assessments must be marked within 2 weeks of receipt. If your provider isn't sticking to the timescales you should report them to the AAT.
  • ajm
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    I have been waiting since 6th September for my spreadsheet results. I can't believe I had to buy the whole unit just so they would mark it and then they take this long. They have had the cheek to send me a feedback questionnaire too!
  • Claire321
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    I believe AAT send out certificates once a month after printing them on 10th of each month. I have recently completed all three levels and have received my certificate betwwen 15th & 20th of the month each time.

    Hopefully if this is the case it will give you a few more days to receive and get your results verified in time for the next certificate run.

    Have you chased Kaplan much? I was with BPP (under the old standards) and had to chase them every time before I got my results updated with the AAT!
  • janwal
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    Hi Louise

    I sat WEAF last year and we waited 13 wks for our results, and having read other threads about the same issue it seems to have been a norm across the board. I know our college have moved that and computerised accounting on level 2 to the beginning of the year and also spreadsheets on level 3.

    Hope you get your result soon

  • Louise89
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    So I'm not the only one!

    I have started my Level 3 without my Level 2 certificate and about to sit AP1 & SPSW next week. After chasing Kaplan many times, I finally received my results this week and the assessor did apologise for it being marked so late. I'm just hoping that I get SPSW marked quicker!

    Clarie321 - Thanks for letting me know when AAT send out the certificates, I will probably receive mine in November, fingers crossed!

    I really don't think it is acceptable that some of us have had to wait so long and as PGM mentioned, they do charge a lot, especially when compared to colleges and for this you would at least expect a superior service.

    AJM - I also received a feedback questionaire which I deleted straight away! Keep chasing and hopefully they will eventually come back to you.

    I do like Kaplan, the tutors I have had so far have been excellent, however this has really lowered my opinion of them, I don't think I'll be changing for Level 4 but who knows.

    Generally I think the majority of CBP's are taught at the start of the level to allow for assessement and the only reason why I took WEAF last was because I enrolled late, so it could well be my fault choosing to sit it at the end, but 2 months, not impressed!
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