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New forum features and upgrades

anisurrahman Registered Posts: 130 🎆 🐘 🎆
Wow....Love this new look :)


  • Sammmy88
    Sammmy88 Registered Posts: 283
    Love the new look!!!
    Level 2 - Passed 2011
    Level 3 - Passed 2012
    Level 4 - Passed 2014

    Awaiting to start CIMA :)
  • Oliver Westbury
    Oliver Westbury Registered Posts: 5 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    New forum features and upgrades

    Dear AAT forum users

    We’ve upgraded our forums to provide you with the latest version of vBulletin software. In addition to your usual tools and features, you’ll benefit from the following too:
    • Calendar – manage your own diary and view upcoming events using the new private and public calendar features.
    • Member profile pages (updated) – customise your URL home page, date of birth, location, occupation, biography, interests and more.
    • Improved theme – we’ve tidied up the theme and hopefully made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for at a glance.
    • Less spam – improved spam features should help us continue to reduce the number of pesky posts you see online.

    What’s next?

    We’re continuously working to improve our forums and provide you with the best experience possible. Our next step is to add Facebook Connect, so if you want to, you can log in to our Forums using your Facebook login details. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for further improvements, so feel free to leave your comments on this thread.

    AAT Web team
  • AK002
    AK002 Registered Posts: 2,492
    Tapatalk compatability is the main thing.
  • *Jo
    *Jo Registered Posts: 509

    New look is great but would still like to have a thanks/like button.

    Please see previous thread
  • SandyHood
    SandyHood Registered, Moderator Posts: 2,034
    HTML code


    A little request

    Is there any possibility that HTML code might be allowed?
    I'd like to add a countdown to exam/other significant dates if that might be possible
    [email protected]
  • jenny3549
    jenny3549 Registered Posts: 472
    Search Facility!!!

    What's happened to the search facility????

    Seems to have wiped out everything between 2006 and yesterday. Nightmare!

    Please get it back - it's impossible to scroll through thousands of threads to try and find what you want.
  • deanshepherd
    deanshepherd Registered Posts: 1,809
    A step in the right direction but one more gripe..

    ..can you change the default colour for linked items.

    This is all linked text but it is not very clear to see until you hover over it.
  • AK002
    AK002 Registered Posts: 2,492
    Very true, Dean.

    A quick reply box that is always there instead of clicking reply to thread would be good, too.
  • StuartW
    StuartW Registered Posts: 472 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐵 🌟
    Keep the feedback coming...

    Hi everyone,

    Glad to hear (most of) you like the updated look and feel of the forums!

    We're going to be going through the feedback next week and looking at what else needs to be addressed, so if you could send your thoughts to [email protected], that would be great.

    Just to briefly address a couple of things mentioned in this thread:

    - Search facility: our developer will be looking at this next week - sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime
    - Colour of linked items: agreed, we'll be changing that

    Everything else will go into the feedback folder for us to review next week - a know some of them have been on your wishlists for a while!


  • StuartW
    StuartW Registered Posts: 472 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐵 🌟
  • crazybirdv
    crazybirdv Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸
    Study buddy

    Hi I have just started studying for my AAT. I live in Denham Village. Is there anyone in this locality or reasonably local that I can study with ?
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