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I really need some help with trying to find out about how to get into teaching the AAT. I qualified over a year ago and went straight onto doing the ACA not long after as that was the 'normal' thing to do after the AAT where I worked and now I find myself working in a top 10 firm with no desire to actually stay in practice! Ever since I qualified AAT and towards the end of studying it, I've wanted to teach it because I think it's a great qualification and actually enjoyed learning it (yes I am a complete geek in that respect!) However things kind of got away from me and the more I looked for a job in in the education and training sector, the more I got thrown jobs in audit and the lure of working for a top 10 firm got the better of me! I am still looking for a way into teaching it in places other than Kaplan or BPP but have had no luck whatsoever :( I was hoping I might be able to get some ideas from people on here of what I could do to get into teaching AAT? (Not sure if I've even posted this in the right forum :S)


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    You may find some helpful information here -

    If you have time to visit this forum I am sure you could also help current students - if you didn't mind doing so!

    Hope the link helps.

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    I would also suggest completing ACA (in case you were thinking of wavering) as a higher qualification will be a pre-requisite for many teaching jobs.
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